Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain

Large clumps fall, sticking only on the grassy surfaces. When I pulled in this morning after my meeting, Tufte came rushing out of the barn to the back steps, his gray fur tufted with snowflakes. He ran up to the door, pushed his nose into it, and stood there waiting. As this transpired, Minnie appeared on the porch steps around the other side of the house and mewed at us with great vigor. I let Tufte in with me, then walked through the house to the porch door to rescue Minnie. He wasn't there; he had gone over to the steps that Tufte and I had used, and now had to travel back again through the wetness. He came running when I called, scolding me all the way, his indignation dripping from his fur. But the howls turned to loud purr as soon as he crossed the magic threshold. I removed some burdock from his only slightly wet back and gave both cats treats. Then they napped.

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